About Dr Marcelle Stastny

FC Psych (UCT)

It has been more than two decades since I started working as a psychiatrist, and every day I am still humbled to walk the journey through great suffering to help patients reclaim their lives . There have been many humorous and joyful occasions. I am passionate about my career and I strive to translate this to a high quality of care for my patients.

In 2021 I started Rewire TMS Clinics, offering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to augment the treatment of depression through neuromodulation.

I am also a mother to two wonderful adolescents. So I am well aware of the stressors busy parents face.

Qualifications and experience
  • Medical degree: MBChB at University of Pretoria (1996)
  • Internship: Livingstone Hospital, Eastern Cape
  • Medical Officer for BUPA hospitals in the United Kingdom
  • Specialist Training: FC Psych at UCT and Valkenburg (2002)
  • Worked at Valkenburg Hospital for a year as head of the acute females’ admissions ward.
  • Went to Exeter, UK, to work as a psychiatrist for the NHS
  • Returned home to start my own practice.
  • TMS accreditation (2021) Monash
  • TMS accreditation (2022) Maastrecht

My experience has been diverse- a function of medical training in South Africa. I have practised medicine and psychiatry in rudimentary poverty stricken clinics and at the forefront of top European hospitals.

My training was rigorous and continuously appraised by patients, peers and senior consultants.

I had exposure within psychiatry in paediatrics, geriatrics, forensics, psychosis and mood disorders. I had further training in family therapy, interpersonal therapy, EMDR and CBT. I have my TMS accreditation through Monash University and Maastrecht University.

Since being in private practice, I find that I still learn every day. Mainly from my patients, but also from ongoing congresses and courses. I am the convener of the Special Interest Group for Neuromodulation

I belong to an affiliation of psychiatrists from the Southern Suburbs. We regularly meet for journal club and peer review of complex cases. Maintaining a high standard within the affiliation is important because we cover for each other after hours and when on leave.

“Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you”

– C.G Jung