All accounts are the sole responsibility of the patient. Should the Medical Aid not cover, for whatever reason, you as the patient are liable.

We have signed contracts with some Medical Aids and their rates will apply where applicable.
Please contact rooms for relevant rates.

If you are not on a Medical Aid, then kindly settle the account directly after the appointment.

Please note that appointments not kept or not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged for.


Long gone are the days when your medical aid “covered everything”. Now it is up to you to check what the medical aid will cover and to negotiate accordingly.

Usually you get what you pay for- a hospital plan will cover hospitalisations; you get much more on a comprehensive plan.

However, if your condition is one of the PMB conditions (prescribed minimum benefits) then you can motivate for extra funds- for e.g.- if you are diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder you can get 15 outpatient sessions with your psychiatrist, or 3 weeks in hospital.

Similarly, once your medications have been approved you can often motivate for them to go onto chronic medications. This will then be paid from the chronic medication fund, thus not depleting your day to day funds.

Remember- even if you only have a hospital plan, you should still submit your doctor’s bills. There are substantial tax savings.