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Anxiety myths busted

Anxiety is a cluster of psychological and physical symptoms. The psychological symptoms include feelings of dread, fear and being overwhelmed. Patients having a panic attack tell me it feels like they are going to die or go insane. Physical symptoms manifest all over the body: racing pulse, sweating, blushing, irritable bowel, irritable bladder, shaking and muscle tension. Anxiety is normal. It makes us look both ways when crossing the street. It becomes abnormal when the sufferer starts worrying and dreading everyday situations.It can start making it difficult to work, attend school or socialise. When it starts making someone’s world small, stops…

The rawness of panic attacks

My patients tell me that panic attacks are not pleasant. They describe it more as sheer terror. They fear dying, losing control or going insane. Panic attacks come on hard, peak fast and usually pass within the hour. They create such a fracture in the sufferer’s psyche that the hangover feeling of having been overwhelmed and the fear of another attack can put a dampener on life plans. Panic attacks can happen to anyone. It does happen to about 10% of us. If they recur and the sufferer starts making their life smaller to avoid situations which might trigger an…