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The lies you have been sold about sleep

Sleep is a daily topic in my practice. Whether my patient has struggles with their marriage or mood or just life in general, sleep gets affected. There is so much pressure around sleep. Arianna Huffington leads a “Sleep Revolution” and claims that lack of sleep will make us seriously ill and not functioning at our best. Research has shown that people with insomnia function as well as people without insomnia. We somehow manage to pool our resources when we need it most. There is a big difference between insomnia and sleep deprivation. You are sleep deprived when you desperately need…

The torture of sleep deprivation

A couple came to see me as the last stop before initiating divorce proceedings. Since the birth of their son 18 months before, their home had deteriorated into a war zone. Their baby had colic and was a particularly bad sleeper. Typically, the baby would squawk, and mom would jump up to try to settle him before he woke properly. Inevitably, he did wake and then stayed awake for hours. Mom would become tearful and desperate. Knowing this, dad would also jump up when baby stirred because he wanted to support mom. Both parents were exhausted. Mom was in a…