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The weight issue- if diets don’t work, what does?

Diets don’t work. (www.drmarcellestastny.co.za/diets do not work) An obese woman has a one in 677 chance of achieving a normal weight in a year. An obese man has a one in 1 290 chance of being a normal weight in a year. A major risk factor for being 5kg heavier in a year from now is to be on a diet now. All recommendations seem to be that whatever you do it must be “simple, flexible and sustainable.” Kilojoule restriction for weight loss does not work. Permanent modifications to diet and lifestyle do work. If you have been gaining 2kg every…

Diets do not work

You have had a look at yourself in the mirror and realised that you don’t like what you see. Your doctor has told you that you must lose weight. You have researched Atkins, Detox diet, Banting, Intermittent Fasting and a few others. You are ready to start your diet. Again. You probably feel that you don’t need to have your resolve weakened by reading a blog espousing that diets don’t work. Worse, a major risk factor for being 5kg heavier in a years time, is to be on a calorie restricting diet now. Dieting results in weight gain. Diets don’t work. A…