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Boundaries with social media

Social media, and how to relate to it, is still a relatively new phenomenon. We are still trying to figure it out. But it is influencing mental health. Several studies have shown a clear correlation between depression and excessive social media use. I have a young woman in my practice who has very intense friendships with two other women. While relationships of this nature are common for the age group, what adds a complicating dimension is WhatsApp.  These young women are in contact all the time; they live in each other’s pockets. In the past, a bit of distance could be naturally…

Boundaries. The guardians of joy.

Patients often ask me if my work sometimes gets too much. If hearing about the miseries of mankind becomes a tiresome task. Most of the time I can honestly say no, I love my job. A major reason why I can love my job is that of good training. From the moment you enter a psychiatric residency the teaching and learning of boundaries is a priority. So in the room, in your hour, I try to be 100% present with you. But I am very aware that it is your life and your journey. When I am with another…